You probably came here expecting a few paragraphs on the history of our company, where we came from and who we are. Well, we thought what better way to give you an idea of who we are than to show you what past customers have had to say. On the odd chance that you want to know a bit about us from the horses mouth we've put our bio's on the bottom of the page as well.


Hi Chuck,
Gareth Davies here,I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much our sons Rhys and Tom have enjoyed your camp the past two summers. As you know they first attended the camp at Sunpeaks in summer 2002 and then again in summer 2003 in Kamloops.In both cases they (and us the parents) were extremely impressed with not only the skills they were taught,but also with the supervision,the food,and,the extra curricular activities they enjoyed. The concept of having a "visiting pro rider" is also great for the guys. Our sons riding has greatly improved,and,we believe their "attitudes" have too!!!!.
Thanks for the great camp and see you again this summer!!!.
Gareth & Peggy Davies.



What I Did Last Summer

I'm 40 and my son is 12. I'm a slow old guy and my son is not. We both attended the same 5 day camp in August of 2004. We both came away from the camp with amazing memories and new riding skills. To say that I was impressed would be an understatement. The riding was incredible (not my riding in particular, mind you!) and I ended each day sweaty, sore and smiling! I think we put more miles on our bikes in 5 days than we have in two months riding at home. For me, though, the best thing about the camp wasn't the riding, or the excellent food, or the great coaches, or the amazing weather, or the regular trips to Full Boar for bike repairs, or even learning direct from Chuck how to talk like a pro mountain biker. The best thing about the camp was the incredible sense of camaraderie generated by Chuck and his crew. In only 5 days we went from a bunch of strangers (some stranger than others) to a group of good friends. It felt like a family. I did not expect to swing into a 5 day mountain bike camp and emerge with a group of great friends, but somehow Chuck pulled that off. Very impressive.

Don't think you are too old or too lame a rider to go to a camp. I am both of those and Chuck still let me attend!!

Will wrote you up a little blurb too:

Hi Chuck,

It's Will Stevely from last summer's Robbie and Joe camp. I just wanted to say thanks so much for having such a great camp. My riding improved a ton and so did my confidence. At the beginning, I would barely do a three-foot drop and by the end you had my going off the diving board and not crashing.

I didn't have too many mechanical problems except for breaking my fork and needing new disc pads and cables. Those aren't that major eh?

So thanks again for doing such a good job.

Mike and Will,
Whitehorse, Yukon Territories

Chuck Brennan Chuck Brennan

Owner and President of B.C. Unlimited Mountain Adventures Ltd.

NCCP Level 1 Mountain Bike Coach

Hometown: Born and raised in Kamloops

Sponsor: Full Boar Bike Stores Kamloops B.C. (I've always got room on my back for MORE!!!)

Hobbies: Snow Skiing, Water Skiing, and of coarse, my true love is Mountain Biking.

Likes: Long, quite walks by myself thinking about life. Loser... Just kidding kids.. I love hanging out with the people who mean a lot to me. Friends and family are tres` important. Laying on the wharf on the river is right up there when I want to unwind. All the BROS are like family and have a lot to do with what goes on in Chuck's head. That's right, it's their fault!!!

Chuck Brennan Chuck Brennan Chuck Brennan

Matt Davis Matt Davis

Age: does it really matter?

Hometown: Medicine Hat, Alberta

Years Riding: 14

Notes: Matty-D made the great escape from Edmonton in the spring of 2003. He is happy to now make his home in the mountain bike mecca of Kamloops. His turn-ons include big bikes, hot weather, and hittin the beach after a ride.

Matt Davis Matt Davis Matt Davis