Bend Oregon Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, prospecting is almost a work of art. It requires refinement, practice, and dedication. The more committed you are to the process, the greater the results that are achieved. Over time that can lead to better listings and commissions.

The service you will get from a conveyance company can actually be used in the place of an attorney. They are usually licensed and have been educated in property commercial contract law. They have a standard procedure, which may be considerably less expensive than using a property attorney.

Today, the speed of slippage down the slippery slope towards Hades is increasing rapidly. Mf global, the large international futures clearing house recently went bankrupt, and about 1.6 Billion dollars of customer property accounts in the form of futures contracts from ‘segregated’ customer accounts simply ‘disappeared’.

Given all of these things you really do need a business plan to move ahead as a commercial real estate agent. Without some form of plan you will likely struggle. The plan will help you with focus when it comes to the key issues in your personal business. It will also help you with prospecting and growing market share.

When you start off in the industry you kommersiell really have no prospects to talk to other than the people and businesses you find in the telephone book. That is a good place to start; contact all the local businesses in a systematic way. From that point you can then contact specific property owners and large local businesses.

So the message here is quite clear; the agent with the listings will be the one that drives market share. They will also earn far more in commissions than other agents.

If you can prove (that’s the hard part) that the seller engaged in fraud, you can overcome a written contract just as in other civil contract cases. Fraud is difficult to prove, however, because it requires that you show the seller made an intentional misrepresentation designed to make you buy the horse. For example, if the seller knows the horse has navicular disease, yet tells the buyer he is totally sound, the buyer has a cause of action if he can prove the seller’s knowledge of that fact.

It is interesting to observe the actions and strategies used by top agents and brokers in listing and deal negotiation. They are well aware of the alternatives that may come up. They have handled those difficult situations so many times before and they know what to say if ‘hurdles’ arise again. You can fast track your skills as part of that; some personal daily practice and role play in the team will help you greatly.