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I just got a PlayStation 3 and it is blowing my mind. The new games that are available for it are awesome. If I could play all day long I would still never get bored because I would never run out of games to play. Why? Because there are so many games and because the games are complicated so you don’t get bored easily.

The game borrows the mysterious main character type, that Gordon Freeman made popular in Half Life 2. You play as the Marked One, suffering from amnesia and stuck inside the exclusion zone outside a nuclear power plant. Interestingly, this is the same power plant that exploded in Ukraine in 1986. The game will take you along different areas, giving you a chance to find out who you are. Watch out for the new mutants online- the wild beings created from the radioactivity- on your quest for information.

Simon Hunter’s Mutant Chronicles is a strange one. Right away, its role-playing and video game roots are confirmed. Action sequences and explosions mid-flight appear almost exactly as they would in a game. Flashy, cartoonish. To an extent this is enthralling and takes you away for a moment, but then you come back to reality and think hey, I thought I was watching a movie! Film has a flimsy feel, almost rushed, which is strange as lead Thomas Jane (Deep Blue Sea, The Mist) usually takes on accomplished projects. A kid at heart himself – he has his own comic book – it baffles me that Jane would turn down a Punisher sequel, after such an impressive start, and do something like this instead.

If your device runs on Tegra 3 processor then you should indulge in Shadow Gun. This game is a powerful action packed game that can be well played on a Smartphone or a Tab. This game is a shooting game and the graphics are impressive too. If you play this game then you will forget playing console based games for good. A user will be excited to play the role of a bounty hunter and destroy an army full of mutants.

One funny footnote, Frederick Wertham, the much hated Psychiatrist blamed for the demise of E.C. Comics and other companies during the 1950’s paranoid Senate subcommittee hearings where he testified against the “violence in Horror & Crime” Comics actually found something in Comics of value a little later in his life and began publishing Comic Book Fanzines. Yes Wertham got into Comics Fanzines and self publishing Wertham complemented Fanzines as a good that came out watch the new mutants full movie online free of Comics.

With comics you get to read and enjoy them over and over again and someday they will be worth something. Sure the overproduced over hyped stuff may be valueless, but if you buy what you enjoy you can’t lose.

While it may be dismissed as easy escapism that is relateable to kids on the surface, when you delve a little deeper into the happenings in those stories it gets a little dicey. And there is no better example than the events that led to Marvel’s Civil War crossover. A super team consisting of teenagers, the New Warriors, unwittingly, yet irresponsibly cause the deaths of themselves and a bunch of innocent school children, thus changing the face of the entire Marvel Universe and how teen superheroes are viewed.

Real-life example: Martin Luther King, Jr. We’re not kidding; comic creators Stan Lee and Jack Kirby specifically identify Dr. King as the inspiration!