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This may just be a piece of cloth but there’s no way denying its power to give classy styles on women’s garments. I believe you too have your own scarves collection. Ever wondered why women’s scarf had blossomed to be one of the most-used accessories in the world and how did this fashion accessory came to life?

Some women prefer long veils that trail behind them with their dress, while some prefer only short veils till their shoulders or lower back. Usually the purpose of the veil is to completely hide the face of the bride, but occasionally brides prefer veils that cover only half their faces. Choosing the designs for the veil is not a big issue, but to choose the material for the bridal veil is very important. Usually the veil’s material has to be hijabs in dubai contrast with the bride’s dress but usually women prefer their veil to be of lighter material.

He had been standing behind the table and mama had been on the other side, the lines on her face had begun to show signs of stress but she was still pretty and he still secretly admired her.

In earlier days, women would mostly opt for the burqua, which was a long and flowing garment that covered the body and had a veil with slits for the eyes. This garment was slightly conservative as far as fashion was concerned. In fact it would be better to say that fashion and Muslim apparel did not mix at all. But today, Muslim Apparel has gone through various modifications and additions and we see Muslim women confidently wearing Islamic attire in public.

Another popular style of hijab s is the Egyptian one, which consists of two pieces. The inner piece is similar to the long hijab and is worn around the face. The outer portion is twisted around the placed at the top of the head, but both these pieces are joined together at the forehead. Similar to the Egyptian ones are the Kuwaiti style buy hijab. They also consist of two pieces but the second piece is placed between the neck and chin area. It is then further wrapped around the first portion to create a neat and polished look.

The Shyla: This is a long and rectangular scarf usually worn by women in the Gulf countries. It is wrapped over and around the head, and then pinned or tucked at the shoulder.

One thing to remember is to keep the glitter and glitz to a minimum for everyday wear. Go for a casual and simple look for everyday wear, and leave the glitter and glitz for special occasions or evening wear.

Just some tips: make sure that the jilbab has some size allowances so that it will be comfortable to wear. The most advisable is an allowance of at least 5 cms for every measurement. It may also be a good idea if one could fit the jilbab before actually buying it.

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