Get Out Of Your Own Way For Greater Business Success

Hi Magic fans, hope everyone had a good weekend. Time to get back to the grind, but before you do, here are some of the top Orlando Magic news and notes from this weekend.

Take my own business. Success in Sweatpants, which is my Coaching Weiterbildung practice (and not to be confused with my marketing consultancy 4R Marketing), is about helping solo home business owners create the lives they want through professional success. In other words, I am passionately committed to helping clients have exactly the lifestyle, the time, and the money that they want by helping them make their businesses as successful as possible.

QUIT SELF-BULLYING: if a stranger shouted at us the terrible things we call ourselves inside our heads on a daily basis we wouldn’t take it. But it seems that as long as it’s us it’s ok… well it’s not. Every thought you allow yourself to have affects how you feel; negative thoughts cause bad feelings, more positive thoughts cause better feelings. Instead of asking “why am I not good enough at this?”, start asking “How can I be better at this?”.

Darwin Walker 31, 6-3, 294lbs. Redskin fans should be familiar with Walker a former stalwart of the Eagles’ defensive line. His production trailed off after leaving Philadelphia for Chicago and Carolina, but could add some depth where it is sorely needed.

In Denise’s case, she wasn’t in fear of losing anything. It was only homework. She could make it up by the next call. She didn’t believe it was a high priority.

Suppose you are thrilled with the MLM business model, and you sign up with the company. You order all your promotional goodies and set out to find your five people, whether you prospect friends and family or you go with an online MLM model.

Then pencil in the tasks that have to be repeated over the course of 2010. For example, keyword research doesn’t end in some niche markets. You may find that trends affect the way people are searching and knowing things as soon as possible helps you capitalize on the evolution within the niche.

The linemaker’s have made New Orleans 7-point underdogs for this Sunday night’s matchup. Can Brees and the offense keep rolling against a more solid defense than they’ve seen in several weeks or will Romo lead the Cowboys to another big win at home. I have covered every angle of Sunday night’s matchup and I haven’t felt more confident in a primetime Sunday Night Football game all season. That’s why I’m making this one my Sunday Night Game of the Year. Make sure you’re playing the biggest Sunday night affair of the season with the world’s hottest handicapper.