How To Take Stunning Still Life Photos

Selecting the right location can have quite an impact on the travel photos you capture. You can take pictures in any corner of the world and that is the beauty of travel photography, yet many places look the same worldwide when you view them in photo format. A picture of a lake in Canada could be mistaken for a lake in Sweden or Japan. So how can you take travel photos that are more distinctive and more expressive? Read on.

When editing ruthlessly, create tiers of photos. When I go through my photos, I generally make three (virtual) piles: slideshow material, great memories, and record shots. The “slideshow material” consists of the five best shots per day. The “great memories” are the photos that have sentimental value, but aren’t necessarily ‘great.’ These largely include photos that include my family or Bora Bora photos companions. These might also include photos I want to enlarge to hang in my house. Remember, sentimental photos might be full of meaning and emotion for you, but rarely make interesting slideshow material to engage your viewers. Finally, the “record shots” are just that – and this will likely be the largest pile.

Wear Comfortable clothes that will keep you warm and dry while you shoot. Wear comfortable shoes that you can use for walking long distances. Some people prefer to bring Photographers Vest which is a practical idea knowing that you have so many compartments to place your accessories.

This sounds obvious but not checking battery life and having your camera die on you at the crucial point is a common problem. Charge your batteries, take a spare and avoid kicking yourself for such a simple mistake.

You have selected the type of camera, your next decision is to choose a brand of camera. Some of the major players include Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Minolta which are very reputable companies. I would recommend Nikon or Canon as the best on the market.

Done! Can’t wait for the next trip… Practice more, read books, seek information over the internet, maybe join a camera club, attend photo exhibitions, even have your own? Ask at local libraries, shopping malls etc if they allow you to post your pics.

The longer you travel, the greater the risk of damage or theft to your memory cards. Losing the photos you have taken is often more painful than losing the equipment itself, so make sure you back up your photos either online or on CD. Or both. You can then keep these with you or send them back to someone to keep hold of until you get back.