In Every Houston Sports Fan’s Life, A Little Rain Must Fall

For one day, the Houston sports scene was looking awesome. UH was 10-0, ranked No. 11 with ESPN’s Game Day coming to town. (And oh, by the way, headed to the Big East. Expect that announcement any day now).

I have had a very uneasy feeling about the financial markets the past few days. One I’ve never had before. The feeling isn’t a fear of it dropping, but that somehow a lot of integrity has been taken out of the markets.

People on Twitter can spot a spammer real quick… And remember how Twitter is super social? What do you do when you have a bad service experience? You give a heads up to most of your friends, yes? And on Twitter it is to “all” friends at the speed of electrons. Then people do a real simple blocking and spam game gone…

The quickest and easiest thing you can do today is go to a nba news store and pick up a mouth guard. It seems like an odd thing to get, but it works. You can’t grind your teeth with a mouth guard. A doctor will give you the same thing, except a doctor will offer you a more expensive medical mouth guard. This will take care of the problem now, while you work out the mental reasons that you grind in the first place. The mouth guard only prevents grinding. It doesn’t stop the reason you do it.

We are all lucid dreamers. Some of us, being untrained, get a lucid dream as a rare treat. Others are natural lucid dreamers. A few claim that they never dream, which is not true; they just don’t remember their dreams. Some people work very hard to develop the art of lucid dreaming. The good news is that anybody can learn how to have lucid dreams, including you.

A guy who is seriously considering you for marriage will try to include you in some of his family events. However, a man who hardly even talks about his family most likely has no intentions of settling down with you. A guy is not likely to invite you to have dinner with his family if he is not serious about you. Why should he make his mother start giving him questions about his plans with you? Hence when a man takes this step, this is a very good signal that he is thinking of marrying you.

With two on and no out, Kyun-soo Kim grounded the ball to second base for a clear out, if not a double play, but Keun-woon Jeong’s hard slide rattled Kataoka, who dropped the ball. Yong-kyu Lee scored on the play to take the early lead. Japan 0, Korea 1.

Which ever way you decide, please remember: Neither kids nor dogs should be turned into weapons against each other when it comes to a divorce or relationship break up.