The Quick Way To Get A Name From A Cell Phone Number

Caller ID can be a great thing, but what do you do when all you can see is a number. Its frustrating to know that you might be missing an important call but by not knowing the number you don’t want to answer your phone in case of its annoying sales or marketing call. The good news is that now there are services available that let you do a reverse cell number lookup so you will know who is calling at all times.

Internet Connection number book The ability to connect to the internet has open vast new territory. With internet connection you can not only get your email, but also stock quotes and you can even connect with the office.

Then, along came the answering machine and the caller ID service. People could leave messages, but what if they did not? There needed to be a reverse phone lookup service since caller ID will usually only provide the phone number and not the name.

The best thing to use this service for is catching a cheating spouse. Because most of the communication that goes on between cheaters is over the cell phone, it used to be impossible to catch.

But lets first discuss why VOIP is cheaper than a traditional phone line which makes it the best candidate for cheap home phone services. Traditional phone lines charge you for everything, a line rental fee, federal taxes, call waiting, caller id and so much more. The average home phone can cost up to $60 after all is said and down. Whereas VOIP since it is going over your internet service provider cost you noting additional because those charges are already being charged for a service you have. They can’t double charge you. So with VOIP you can easily save up to $500 a year depending on the plan you select.

Spoof calls are easier than you think to do. All it takes is a card similar to a VOIP card which you can buy online for about $10 for an hours worth of calls. Then it is a simple case of getting access to the system and customizing your caller ID to anything that you want.

In short, before you make a purchase make a list of all the features you want in your IP phone, do a proper market survey and buy the best quality stuff from the best brands. We, here at How many times have you come across the word VOIP and wondered what exactly is it? Even when you have purchased VOIP products we haven’t given the meaning of VOIP much thought. We have just been satisfied with the fact that VOIP is here to make our life simple, flexible and convenient. Well, most of us do not even know the full-form of VOIP!By the time you reach the end of this article you will not only be well acquainted with the basics of VOIP, but, you shall also be a smart buyer when you purchase a VOIP product. This article will ensure that you are several steps closer to knowing your technology at your home.