Video Production- Developing Your Message

First there was Camp Rock…now there’s Movie Camp. Movie Camp, however, isn’t the latest made for television Disney movie. It’s real, it’s live, and it’s in Portland!

A video testimonial is better. Ok, the trust may not become much better, but at least to be able to see and hear a real person giving the testimonial can be more favourable. You can sometimes see video testimonials after a seminar for example. Members of the audience talk about how they found the event.

Camera movement. Video and film captures movement. That’s why you’re not just handing out brochures. Sometimes the movement also includes the camera. A fluid, traveling shot with the camera on a dolly or a Steadicam can gracefully draw the viewer into the scene for greater impact.

Jodi Thomas told me for Texas Princess she spent the most time on voice-over talent. Matt posted a script on a number of voice-over sites and people sent back audio files.

Run and Gun. A Video production Canada company that believes in craft, does not send out crews to “see what happens” or document meetings, weddings, baseball games or news stories. It’s a big mistake to show up without a plan and expect to produce a compelling and effective TV commercial or marketing video. “Run and gun” wastes time and money – and often misses opportunities (due to poor planning), to elevate storytelling impact. Craft does not.

Diffused light Video production company is like being outside on an overcast day. If the sky is completely cloudy, the clouds act just like a diffusion gel used by a professional photographer. The sunlight bounces around in all the clouds and the result is diffused, shadow less light.

The product sounds really good from what you can hear. The audio is a little fuzzy, but the facts, if you heard them correct, sound amazing. You think you like the color of the product but you are not sure if the lighting of the video is good. The lighting seems to fade but when the lighting is correct, it looks like the product is the rich color you want. You really want this product but you hesitate due to the fact that you cannot tell if it is what you are looking for. You decide to shop around and you think you may come back to this company. It is highly doubtful you will come back to this company as you will most likely find the product you are looking for with another company.

Another aspect is that it is one of a series. If a viewer joins in at any of the videos along the line and likes what they see, they will feel compelled to watch them all.