What The Bible Is About

Hoseah Wu was invited to share about the lifestyle and ministry of T Austin Sparks in 2007. Hoseah Wu knew Brother Sparks personally and he shared four messages about this great christian worker.

He shares these extremely personal spiritual details with those males who have been falsely accusing him. Can you envision this kind of a factor happening just a few yards from the Home of God? It is a very Jewish account, but as quickly as he mentions Gentiles, he lost his audience. The Roman soldiers have to bustle him into the barracks because of the growing violence coming from those who have been falsely accusing him of desecrating and contaminating and polluting the Temple.

The haters are many and varied. Just Google ‘I hate Tim Tebow’ and search via the almost 4,000,000 hits to uncover just how vehement this hatred is. 1 commentator mocked Tebow’s Powerful testimony and the Bible verses inscribed on his black eye patches. “Hey, look at me! I’m a Christian! I study the Bible! God doesn’t treatment who wins the game, I know, she told me so” he wrote.

You must renew your thoughts through these talked about steps because Satan seeks to oppress his victims. See Ephesians four:17-27 and Romans twelve:2. He can Powerful testimony change the communication of a Christian by placing ideas into your thoughts.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful or more wonderful if me and you as new development believers in Christ would jus fall the destructive tradtion of poverty mentality and do what Jesus tells us to do? prosperity and prosperity would break forth in our lifestyle like never before. The increase of wealth would be so large that even the heathen (unbelievers) would have to declare that the wealthy God of heaven is the basis of that which we believe. See Malachi 3: ten -12.

I know from my own encounter that when I make up my mind about some thing, I established it firmly and am not effortlessly persuaded to act differently. I think I know the reality and am acting completely and totally on what I think. When you fully believe in something, your steps will naturally adhere to with enthusiasm and dedication.

In 1 Corinthians six:1-eight, Paul informed the Christians to quit bringing every other to secular courtroom to argue about their disagreements. He needed them to deliver the disputes to the Jewish courts and solve them internally. It was apparently a bad witness for them to argue in entrance of non-believers. Paul went so far as to say that it would be much better for them to be wronged than to deliver disgrace to the faith. These had been Christians who required a potent witness when bringing their testimony of the new faith of Christianity to the people.