Why Online Dating Is Gaining In Popularity

Since day one in our business we knew how important it was to build our community (in marketing language it’s called building your list). And to be totally transparent, in the beginning we were not very good at it, in fact you could say that we stunk.:-) But we learned, some through trial and error, some through copying other people’s methods and a lot through investing in various workshops, courses and mentors.

Does this all sound familiar to you? It seems that quite often as humans, we begin a process with great enthusiasm, fervour and expectation, but at the first sign of trouble and failure we turn back to where we came from, our COMFORT ZONE. The thing we must realize is that we will never be truly comfortable in our comfort zone. Even as we leave this life we know, we will most certainly have regrets of things left undone, things that we left untouched outside the box.

1) Create a compelling f.r.e.e. gift for your website. Just asking someone to join your newsletter or mailing list is not enough. People are busy and quite frankly getting lots of email and newsletters, so the thought of another is more likely going to drive your potential client away. But what if you had a compelling free gift (video, audio, ebook) that addressed a real and pressing problem for them. Ask yourself what answers does your ideal client search the internet for at 3 AM (We call it the “3 AM Google question). Have your free gift be the answer.

Dance to his music. Most people have a soft spot for the music they grew up with. If the guest of honor is still humming tunes from his youth, then have a retro birthday party. Whether he prefers big bands, ballads or rocking 50’s, play the songs from that era. Decorate to match the time frame. If he’s an energetic eighty year old, you might be able to persuade him to demonstrate some dance steps. Even for those who don’t dance, it’s still a lively atmosphere.

2) Online tutoring – This one is especially great for teachers during the summer months or the studious amongst us. Tutors are in demand and many are paid very well. Most require that you have at least a bachelors degree in your preferred subject. There are many companies that offer this; Google Giftcard US online tutoring to investigate these opportunities. ESylvan offers a tutor from home program.

I live in Jamaica and the market for Christian Plays is next to 0. On a global scale, however, I was surprised to learn that there was an increasing demand for well written and anointed plays, especially for the African American Society, and today I can report that the demand is far greater than the supply.

Whether you’ve got a little “princess” who wants to build a castle, with a draw bridge, and then have her little brother err… Knight In Shining armor ward off the evil Dragon… or build race cars to race down a hill, or a thousand other ideas, Omagles give your child the foundation for creating it all.

Lastly, at some point during the day; and it can be well after the guests have gone home, take a moment to forget the stress and chaos. Look into your child’s face and remember why this day is important in the first place. Whether their 3, 7, 16 or 21 years old; this is their day, appreciate that for them. Give them a little hug and tell them that despite what they just put you through, you still love them.