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Conventional wisdom says that Barack Obama is intelligent and Sarah Palin is not. I’m getting a little annoyed at the press who freely proclaim who the smart ones are. There is more to intelligence than an Ivy League education. I would have agreed that Bill Clinton was smart, until he got nasty with a blue dress in the White House.

Jefferson the statesman? Again, he and his Gulf Start bedfellows think so, but so far I ain’t feelin’ it. He’s pretending to be the beloved JFK, but he ain’t him, this ain’t then, and his imitation is hollow. JFK, a Democrat, was a different kind of Democrat than this current crop of usurpers. The modern day Democrat Party is not even remotely recognizable to the Dems that existed when JFK was President.

Fifth, I say what I think. You ask me what I think about something and I’ll tell you. I have been described as “suicidally honest,” a real death knell for any politician in this day and time.

Save money over buying from a dealer. If you buy a wind turbine from a dealer your having to pay a profit to both dealer and windmill manufacturer. This can be substantial. It can turn a several thousand dollar wind turbine that will power your whole house into a $15,000 wind turbine that will power your whole house. The more people you get involved in this purchase the higher the price goes, obviously.

So is Obama the reincarnation of Lincoln? I think he thinks he is, and maybe some of his supporters agree, but I don’t think so. FDR maybe? Well he’s sure inventing government programs to fix our financial straights, so maybe so. He’s sure picking up where FDR political communications company left off!

Consider budget flights, budget transport and cheaper accommodation. Also, try to avoid tourist traps. Some of the greatest destinations are those somewhat off the beaten track – you’ll find they tend to be cheaper, too.

There should be a Chicago to English dictionary somewhere. They could hand them out at the airport to tourists once they depart their planes. That way when someone gives tourists directions to “Cominskey” they will know they are actually talking about U.S. Cellular Field where the White Sox play.