5 Ways To Make A Fishing Trip Safe

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When you’re standing around, feeling bored, or lonely, or desperate, or whatever – you are not having fun. Other people IGNORE those who don’t have fun and sit there quietly.

I’m not a bar person, but we ignored the strange drunks and the men with roaming hands dancing with inebriated women as much as possible… and… just planted ourselves at a table and enjoyed good conversation, so-so bar food – and yes, even some good (if deafening) music from the bar musician.

Remember – play against the laziness of other men. Wearing a nice cologne will set you apart, and actually pull women towards you with no other effort on your part!

Lady Gaga may be a bit sensual for the parents of teens wanting to dress like this superstar. Tone down your Lady Gaga costume by lengthening your hem and wearing one of her less revealing outfits. Look for a long black formal and heels in your Mom’s closet. Buy a cheap, short blond bob wig at a department store, or if you’re already blond, style your hair accordingly. Drape and knot a black scarf loosely over your head. Paint a blue or purple lightening bolt coming down, just under one eye. Add red lipstick and a pair of over-sized oculos.

Bouquet of fake flowers can be fun for recreating the bridal bouquet toss, craft stores usually have small collections of flowers for $1 or a little more so you would just need to wrap ribbon around it. For more detailed instructions check out this DIY bridal bouquet article.

#4 – Do you like wearing trashy lingerie? Would you ever become a model? Would you spend your boyfriend’s money on liposuction or any other bodily alteration? Would you apologize to a wife of the man you slept with on national television? Would you serve drinks to anyone, and we mean anyone? If you are all of the above then you are mistress #4.

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