After Your Home Sells: Successful Relocating

What’s that old saying? “If you believe in nothing, you’ll fall for anything?” Yeah, that’s it. Well I’ll be doggone if there ain’t a great deal of truth in that statement. Sometimes the most obvious and least complicated truth is so transparent it is not seen even while it is staring one in the face.

The 2nd floor houses the history, travel, political communications company, and paperback fiction books. You will have to be a bit patient looking for specific stuff here since there are more books lying around than there are shelves to house them. The back room where the paperback nonfiction books are is where you can find classic books for very good bargain price… along with hard to find poetry and translated foreign language books.

Sorry to bum out my pals and anger my opponents, but watch as the dollar devalues and we slip down the slippery slope of piss-poor fiscal management. Sure, Bush spent way too much too, but compared to Obama and this Congress, Bush was a tightwad, a miser and Ebenezer Scrooge all rolled into one.

Barry, on the other hand is the Imelda Marcos of fiscal governance! Bust open his closets and lo and behold the sight before your eyes. Millions upon millions of shoes – so many shoes Imelda would be jealous. Wall-to-wall shoes, as far as the eye can see; as deep as the mind can imagine.

My favorite section is the left and the middle of the 1st floor where the real life adventure books (sailing, mountaineering, sport, hiking, etc) and the science books are located, though. One of the best deal I’ve caught here was years ago when political communications company I found the volumes of Feynman’s Lectures on Physics for only Further back in the store houses the engineering and astronomy books that will make the geekiest of bookworm squeal in glee.

His son isn’t much better. While Richie Daley hasn’t sent the cops into crowds of kids to bash in their heads he has learned how to completely mispronounce words. One of the best is the word “viaduct.” These are the things that you drive down to go under a railroad bridge or another highway. There have been times these viaducts have flooded during heavy rains. It is always entertaining when this happens and a major road is forced to close. When that happens inevitably the mayor will end up on television talking about the “viya-dock” that got flooded. I have no idea what a “viya-dock” is but evidently it is something close to a viaduct.

In conclusion, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer needs to resign from office. It’s an act he needs to perform sooner than later. It would be the best thing for everyone and show that he is thinking of others and not just himself.