A Wine Lover’s Weekly Guide To $10 Wines – A White Blend From Catalonia

Wine for commercial use can be packaged in various size containers; bag in a box, tetra packs and recently there have been discussions for plastics bottles (ouch). The most traditional way to package wine is in glass bottles, from clear to assorted shades of green, yellow and brown glass. Sizes range from 250ml to 6000ml, with all other sizes in between. Glass bottles allow wines to be properly stored and aged. When you buy quality wines you should always buy glass bottles, preferably with a natural cork.

Let’s start by quoting the back label. Petite Syrah was introduced to Israel via California in the 1960s. It is considered identical to the French variety, Durif. The Winery’s vineyards, located in central Israel, produce a wine with deep ruby ruby color, an aroma of red plums and currants, structured tannins in a full body, an elegant finish and superb balance. And now for my reactions.

The next morning, fresh off a great breakfast and a spirited hike in Giant City State Park, we headed off to begin our wine exploration for the weekend with a stop at Owl Creek Vineyard. Immediately, we learned why the Shawnee Hills Region is ideal for wine travelers.

At the first sips the wine was sweet, and I tasted some honey. Its first pairing was with a commercial barbecued chicken and a side of potatoes roasted in chicken fat and a light, tomatoey sauce. The wine’s acidity picked up with the chicken wings and breast, and the potatoes. The stronger tasting chicken leg choked out the wine. With a mixed tomato salad containing basil the Moscato lost vente de grand crus en ligne acidity but picked up some fruit. It became too sweet.

When I first got into reviewing wines, I debated the use of a rating system. I thought about using the 100 point system, but not beholding myself to the Parker ratings (if there were any), but quickly dismissed the idea. I settled in, for a time, with a 5 star system, with ratings going for zero stars to 5 stars, with varying spots in between (think Star Search with a 3.75 star rating). For a time this worked for me, but I still felt as though it limited me.

Sparkling Wine ~ A fantastic host or hostess gift and versatile wine for cocktail and dessert parties because it pairs with just about anything and is an affordable yet impressive bottle of bubbly.

Close to the cruise ship pier is a great open air market area. The French people really love this place. Those who go to the market can buy almost everything necessary to sustain them fairly well. The spot is definitely worth going to, however Ajaccio has many more as well. Located in the inland part of the central boulevard in Ajaccio you will see narrow roads that wind all through the old section. These are the major shopping areas in the city and are lots of fun to discover. There are many things to buy in Corsica like fine French wines, cheeses, pastries, art and other items.

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